Upgrade guide: Anwiki upgrade procedures

From Anwiki 0.2.0 to Anwiki 0.2.5

Same procedure as for previous version.
Have a look to the CHANGELOG if you have custom overrides.

From Anwiki 0.1.0 alpha1 to Anwiki 0.2.0

No need to run an upgrade script for this upgrade. All you have to do is to overwrite default Anwiki source files.
  1. Extract new files from 0.2.0 download package
  2. Replace all files from your current setup with the new ones, except the following files:
    • _addons/ (directory)
    • _addons-static/ (directory)
    • _override/ (directory)
    • _override-static/ (directory)
    • _writable/ (directory)
    • _anwiki-override.inc.php (file, may not exists)
    Do not overwrite these files, or you will loose your configuration and customizations!
  3. Delete the following files to regenerate cache:
    • _writable/cache/system/actions_mapping.php
    • _writable/cache/content/by*/*
    • _writable/cache/config/*/*
  4. Done!
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