Upgrade guide: Introduction

Why upgrade?

It's highly recommended to keep your Anwiki setup up-to-date, as new releases may correct security issues, bugs and add new features.

Check for upgrade

You can easily check if an upgrade is available directly from your Anwiki setup.
Click on Check for Anwiki update, from the Manage menu.

Understanding versions numbers

Anwiki versions numbers have 3 digits, such as: Anwiki 0.2.6
  • The last digit is incremented for releases which containing bug fixes, but no new feature.
  • The middle digit is incremented for releases which may be introducing new features and improvements.
  • The first digit is incremented for major releases, which are introducing a bunch of new concepts and features.

Downloading latest release

Download the latest Anwiki release from official website: http://www.anwiki.com/download
Then, extract files from the downloaded package. You will the following directories:
  • docs/: contains a minimal documentation
  • upload/: contains all files required for Anwiki
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